Titanic Covers that Missed the Boat


Over the decades a number of covers have been found that bear a "TITANIC" mark on them in 3 varieties. Sent from France, Denmark and Spain,
all were mailed in March, 1912 with 18 sent to the M.A. Winters Company in Washington, DC, and one addressed to Seattle, Washington.
This site shares information about them to assist in proving their authenticity.

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The Covers

Here are the 19 covers known to date. The summary chart compares them and gives possible trans-Atlantic crossing routes.

(scroll over any cover to see its reverse if available; click [F] or [R] to enlarge either side)

Cover 01-George Behe [F] [R]

Cover 02-Fortunato [F] [R]

Cover 03-Mystery Box [F] [R]

Cover 04-Spink 2012 [F] [R]

Cover 05-Sandafayre 2009 [F]

Cover 06-Jay Baum [F] [R]

Cover 07-Eric 1 [F] [R]

Cover 08-Little Titanic Museum [F]

Cover 09-Sandafayre 2001 [F] [R]

Cover 10-Eric 2 [F] [R]

Cover 11-Titanic Museum [F]

Cover 12-William Simon [F] [R]

Cover 13-Early Amer. History [F]

Cover 14-Foster [F] [R]

Cover 15-Morris [F]

Cover 16-SSTitanic.org [F] [R]

Cover 17-Patkin 1 [F] [R]

Cover 18-Patkin 2 [F] [R]

Cover 19-Patkin 3 [F] [R]

Comparison of ship markings
found on covers by the White
Star Line's RMS Titanic and its
sister ship, RMS Olympic.
An exact font and size match!

Summary Chart (click image, PDF)


1978 Machine Cancel
Society Forum

2008 Titanic Commutator

June/Sept. 2008
La Catastrophe

September 2008
Stamp Insider

Nov. 17, 2008
Bramly Response

March 2009
Stamp Insider

June 2010- Journal
France & Colonies
Philatelic Society

September 2010- Journal
France & Colonies
Philatelic Society

September 2010
Stamp Insider

2011-Timbres Magazine

March 2012- La Catastrophe

March 2012- Santa Catarina
Filatalica (Portuguese)

Articles courtesy of their respective publication/society.

Auction Lots and Write-Ups

Christie's New York-Maritime
Lot 83
Cover 08

Early American Cover
Cover 13

Jan. 30, 2001 Sandafayre
Mail Bid Sale 550
Cover 09

Feb. 15, 2005 Hunter
Sale 7105 Lot 7229
Cover 05

June 16, 2005 Cavendish
Auction 672 Lot 79
Cover 03, unsold

Nov. 25, 2005 Grosvenor
Auction 25 Lot 3676
Cover 03

May 26, 2009 Sandafayre
Auction 6161 Lot 3803
Cover 05

March 29-30, 2012 Spink
Auction 138 Lot 1559
Cover 14, unsold

July 19, 2012 Spink
Collectors Series 2 Lot 610
Cover 04, Sold-$1,400

Jan. 11, 2013
Auction 97 Lot 428
Cover 12, Sold-$5,250

Nov. 24, 2013
Auction 102 Lot 1233
Cover 14, unsold, highest bid
$3,000, reserve not met

Reference Material

French Postal Rates

Spanish Postal Rates

US Ship Arrivals
March 15-17, 1912

Titanic Lecture Notes
by J. David Rogers

1910 Cover to the
M.A. Winter Company

1911 Covers to the
M.A. Winter Company

History of the
Winter Company Building

Titanic Facing Slips
by Ken Sanford
La Catastrophe
March, 2010

This Cover Definitely
Missed the Boat!

Olympic-Titanic Ship
Marking Connection
Tom Fortunato
October, 2015

1911 Danish brochure

White Star shipping lanes
Articles Sought

Seaposter (Maritime Postmark Society), July/August 1998, "A Titanic Cover?"

Stamp Collector, September 21, 1998, "What Connects 1912 Cover with Doomed Liner"

Stamp Collector, December 4, 2000, "Rare Titanic Cover Find" page 18


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